What We Do

  1. Cost Share & Incentive Program

    The Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the Scott Watershed Management Organization (SWMO) sponsor a joint cost share and incentive program for water quality improvement projects. For the most recent cost-share information, stay tuned to this page or visit SWCD's page.

  2. Credit River

    The Credit River is being removed from the Impaired Waters List. The River was originally listed in 2002 as impaired based on turbidity. In the Credit River water clarity and turbidity are related to the amount of sediment suspended in the flowing water. Recent data, however, shows that the River no longer exceeds the water quality standard.

  3. Sand Creek Watershed

    Sand Creek Watershed is located in Scott, Rice, and Le Sueur Counties. The water quality was tested in this watershed because of concerned citizens. This page contains the results of those studies.

  4. Key Partnerships

    SWMO believes that strong partnerships are key to getting projects on the ground. Alliances with these agencies has enabled SWMO to complete projects throughout our watersheds and have directly contributed to improved water quality for Scott County citizens. For examples of projects, watch for SWMO's Story Maps and factsheets.

  5. Funding Clean Water

    This page is a list of the partners that have contributed to funding clean water in the SWMO watershed.

Examples of Projects and Programs