Absentee Voting

You no longer need a reason to vote by absentee.

Absentee ballots are available 46 days prior to each election.

If you are in a hospital, nursing home, or other health care facility and are in need of assistance to absentee vote, contact the County Elections Department for further information.

Military Members

If you are in the military or residing outside the territorial limits of the United States, you may vote by absentee ballot using the address where you last lived in Minnesota. A special application form is required. Your parent, spouse, brother, sister, or child at least 18 years of age may request a ballot for you.

In Person

You may vote in person at the Scott County Government Center, Room GC112, during our regular business hours Monday through Friday from  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


You can apply for an absentee ballot online on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.
Applications for an absentee ballot (PDF) can be requested by mail from the Scott County Elections Department at 952-496-8560.

Please return all forms to the address or fax below:
Scott County Elections
200 4th Avenue W
Shakopee, MN 55379-1220

Fax: 952-496-8174

Apply early so you will have time to receive the ballot and mail it back before election day.