Permit to Carry

  1. Applicant Information

    Find out what you as an applicant needs to do when attempting to attain a firearm carry permit.

  2. Conceal & Carry

    Although this law is frequently referred to as the “conceal and carry law,” Minnesota law does not require you to conceal the handgun when you carry it. Discretion is advised, however.

  3. Emergency Permit to Carry

    A 30 day emergency permit may be issued by the Sheriff if it is determined that the individual is in an emergency situation that may constitute an immediate risk to the safety of the applicant or someone residing in the applicant’s household.

  4. Reciprocity of Permit

    Permits issued in Minnesota are valid throughout Minnesota. Minnesota law requires that states must have substantially similar standards in order to be granted permit to carry reciprocity.

  5. Renewal of Permits

    Find out what to do if your permit has reached its expiration date.