CH 16 Pedestrian Crossings

  • Construction Year: 2018
  • Community Served: Shakopee
  • Corridor: CH 16
  • Project Lead: Scott County


​Project Details

Provide for pedestrian crossings on CH 16 at school crossing locations for Jackson, Shakopee High School, SACs, Sun Path, Eagle Creek. Project includes pedestrian activated crosswalk amenities, vehicle alert systems, raised center median and paving.

Purpose & Justification 

Safe pedestrian roadways crossings near schools and activity destinations are important to the communities they serve. Studies conclude that raised median refuge and pedestrian activated amenities will improve safety and reduce pedestrian delay.

Project Location

CH 16
  1. Tony Winiecki

    County Engineer
    Phone: 952-496-8346

  2. Highway Department

    Physical Address
    600 Country Trail East
    Jordan, MN 55352


    Phone: 952-496-8346