Future Leaders of Scott County

What is Future Leaders of Scott County?

Future Leaders of Scott County is an event to introduce 8th-9th grade students to county government  and encourage them as future leaders to become involved in the county where they live, whether it be in the political process or in a future career at the County.

What is the process?

The process starts with visits by elected and appointed officials to Scott County schools. A "Local Government 101" presentation is given, introducing students to Scott County government, a brief overview of the event, and inviting students to complete an application to attend the event.  

A Selection Committee reviews students’ applications and, based on a number of criteria, chooses 100 students to participate in the event. These students are matched with Scott County employees as mentors for the day.  As much as possible, mentors are chosen to match the students’ interests indicated on the application.  

Selected students are invited to come to Scott County to spend a day learning more about county government by "hands-on" experience with their mentors. 

What takes place the day of the event?

On the day of the event, mentors help students learn about County departments, provide hands-on experience in their specific areas of employment, and, where applicable, prepare the students for their roles in the afternoon activities.  In the afternoon, most students will attend/participate in a Mock Board Meeting or Mock Court Trial, while others spend most of the day at the SCALE Regional Training Facility, were law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other public safety professionals receive training.

Scott County veterans’ organizations provide funding for lunch and gift bags.  Veteran volunteers assist in various capacities throughout the day.

What are some benefits of the event?

Feedback shows that students learn about the role of county government in their lives and are exposed to an array of career choices they may want to pursue.


Thanks to the Commissioners and elected officials for their support of the program, and thank you to the various veterans organizations for financial support and assistance throughout the day.

How to learn more about Future Leaders of Scott County:

For further information and paper application forms, contact Tracy Cervenka at (952) 496-8164.   To submit an application online, please click here.  (Note:  Parents and/or guardians must provide their authorization on this form as well.)

From previous years...

"I think everyone should apply for this.  The entire day was packed with fun."
Future Leaders 1
"It was very fun and interesting to see the trail and learn new things I didn’t know about."
Future Leaders 2
"It really helped me learn more about what I want to do."
Future Leaders 3
"This was so much fun, and I learned a lot."
Future Leaders 4