Citizen Advisory Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The Scott County Board of Commissioners appoints citizens and local officials to serve on a variety of advisory boards and committees through an open appointment process. The process allows the Commissioners to select volunteers from the broad base of talent, diversity, knowledge and skills of citizens to benefit County government.

Applications are taken at any time. Fill out and submit the application online or print and complete the Applications (PDF).

Printed applications can be submitted to Deb Brazil at:
Further Information
If you have any questions or are interested in serving on a committee, contact Deb Brazil via email, or at 952-496-8601. 
  1. Board Vacancies

    See what vacancies are current for the county Citizen Advisory Committees.

  2. All Hazards Committee

    The All Hazard Committee assures the development of emergency preparedness by partnering with governmental and community experts to plan, design and test for appropriate response to disaster.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to issue variances from the terms set forth in the County Zoning Ordinance.

  4. Board of Equalization

    The Board of Equalization provides a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their valuation or classification.

  5. Community Corrections Advisory Board

    The Community Corrections Advisory Board is responsible for making recommendations to the Scott County Board of Commissioners as it relates to community corrections.

  6. Community Development Agency

    The mission of the Scott County Community Development Agency (CDA) is to strengthen the communities of Scott County by providing affordable housing opportunities to low and moderate income families, promoting economic development, and fostering coordination of public and private resources.

  7. Community Health Board

    The Community Health Board is charged with establishing local public health priorities based on an assessment of community health needs and assets.

  8. Ditch Board

    Find the Scott County Ditch Board agendas and minutes.

  9. Extension Committee

    The Extension Committee assists in formulating programs, establishing budget, and selecting and evaluating professional staff to improve the quality of life and enhance the economy and the environment through education, applied research, and the resources of the University of Minnesota.

  10. Farm Advisory Board

    Read information about the Farm Advisory Board.

  11. Human Services Resource Council

    The Resource Council participates in the formation of the Strategic Plan for the development, implementation and operation of programs and services of the County Board.

  12. Law Library Board

  13. Library Board

    View the meeting and member information for the Library Board of the Scott County Library System.

  14. Lower Minnesota River Watershed District Board

    The Lower Minnesota River Watershed District Board of Managers provides technical reviews on land development proposals among its other responsibilities.

  15. Mental Health Local Advisory Council

  16. Orderly Annexation Board

    Discover information about the Orderly Annexation Board.

  17. Parks Advisory Commission

    The purpose of the Parks Advisory Commission is to provide leadership and direction to staff and elected officials in the areas of parks, trails and open space planning and implementation.

  18. Personnel Board of Appeals

    The Personnel Board of Appeals is responsible for making findings and reporting to the County Board upon the filing of an appeal by an applicant, employee, or appointing authority under certain circumstances.

  19. Planning Advisory Commission

    The purpose of the Planning Advisory Commission is to review all applications for conditional and interim use permits, land subdivisions, and ordinance amendments and make recommendations to the County Board.

  20. Prior Lake/Spring Lake Watershed District Board

    The Prior Lake/Spring Lake Watershed District Board of Managers provides technical reviews of land development proposals and more.

  21. Regional Rail Authority

    The purpose of the Regional Railroad Authorities Act is to provide a means for municipalities, with state and federal aids as may be available, to allow for the preservation and improvement of local rail service for agriculture, industry, or passenger traffic.

  22. Scott - LeSueur Joint Ditch Board

    Find agendas and minutes for the Scott - LeSueur Joint Ditch Board.

  23. Scott Watershed Management Organization Board

    The WMO Board provides the direction to plan for the management and protection of water resources throughout the Scott WMO.

  24. Scott Watershed Planning Commission (WPC)

    The WPC gives oversight on policy issues; budget, plan and program priorities; advisory support for the WMO Board; utilizes and implements the Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan, which includes the Groundwater Protection Plan (incorporated by reference).

  25. Vermillion River Watershed Planning Commission

    The Vermillion River Watershed manages water resources in a 335-square-mile area that includes all or part of 20 cities and townships, including Elko New Market and New Market Township in Scott County. It is governed by a Joint Powers Board that consists of two Dakota County and one Scott County Commissioner.